From 11 August 2018 the Reverend Lynsay Downs is the Rector of St Ternan’s Banchory.

St Ternan’s has a strong tradition of lay leadership and participation in all aspects of the life of the church community, including:

  • There is a small team authorised to lead services, notably the services of Holy Communion using the form of Extended Eucharist.
  • These are support by a team of authorised Eucharistic Ministers who administer the chalice at Communion.
  • During our services lay people welcome arrivals, read lessons and lead intercessions. These duties are assigned through a rota.
  • On Sundays after the mid-morning and evening services refreshments are served in the church hall enabling folk to meet.
  • A team decorates the church for each Sunday with flowers. On special occasions, the altar has a display themed to the season.
  • There is a team of Sacristans who set the altar and maintain the linens and elements.
  • Volunteers keep the front garden neat and tidy ensuring that the “High Street” face of the church offers a welcome to all.
  • Various people have taken the lead in maintaining the integrity of the church building, its facilities and its safety.