Green Shoots Trust

What is the Green Shoots Trust at St Ternan’s?

The Green Shoots Trust is the legacy project of the late Rev. Lisa Eunson. Children and Families ministry was one of her greatest joys, and as such, the trust was established with two key objectives ….

To grow St Ternan’s into a place that visible and attractive to young families in the Banchory community.

To make St Ternan’s into a centre of excellence for the nurture of Children in the Christian Faith.




Within Church life, this involves striving for best practice in Crèche, Sunday School, Youth Ministry and All Age/Family Worship. We also seek to connect young families in the Church into wider, intergenerational circles of care.

Green Shoots is about creating a family of worship. We lead our children by example- making meaningful connection with one another and sharing the love of Christ.


Our part-time employee, Henna, lives in Banchory with her husband and two children. She co-ordinates our work in Schools and Community Spaces, sharing the story of our faith with children and young people. By building relationships, Henna looks for points of intersection between the life and gifts of our congregation, and the needs of the children and families in Banchory.



How can I support this work?

How many people can your dining table seat? When was it last full? The Apostle Paul reminds us:

“Do not neglect the habit of meeting together…”

There are many families affiliated to St Ternan’s who cannot attend frequently on a Sunday, and so struggle to get to know the wider congregation. However, they are no less members of our Church family, and in our migrant economy they often don’t have their own extended family living nearby. We long to support these families in the Christian nurture of their children. We take time, and we make time, for meaningful connections. We invest in relationships.


Can I support the Green Shoots Trust financially?


The Green Shoots Trust is a registered charity, number SC048648.  If you would like to make a donation to the trust please contact our treasurer, Ken Elliott:



How do I find out more?

Contact Henna: 

Tel: 07890 795097