Children’s ministry at St Ternan’s

‘The dynamic reality of parish life, lived out by adults, serves as an essential framework and foundation for children and youth.’ Jane Regan: Toward an Adult Church

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or any responsible adult in the lives of the children entrusted to our care, you are part of how they will learn about God’s love.

We are all formed in community. Our souls grow through our relationships with God and each other. Our plans for our children are really part of our overall vision for our congregation: to be a faith community nourished by the stories of our tradition, and exploring the holy through our experiences of worship, the natural world, the arts, and our daily lives together.

Our Sunday programme for the younger ones is designed around this kind of regular interaction of story telling, activities, fellowship, and worship.

We encourage safe, nurturing relationships between all ages here. Individuals can participate by leading particular projects or providing background support, expertise and resources for the direct work of those who work in the children’s programmes. 

Most of all, we can all support this ministry of love and nurture by our ongoing presence and prayer for the new thing God is doing amongst us.

Some of our children have prepared materials to share with visitors.