Sacraments and Pastoral Offices

In addition to the sacrament of Holy Communion, and through our Rector and with support from local clergy and lay readers, St Ternan’s  to offer:


Baptism, being the admission to the Church of Christ;


Confirmation, being the renewal the vows made by or on behalf of a baptised person,


Marriage, is a gift from God bringing together two people in love for life;


Confession and Penance seeking the forgiveness for sin;


Anointing of the Sick to strengthen them with the grace of God in times of suffering;


Funerals being the commendation of a soul to God.


Pastoral Visiting


We share in visiting homebound members and in offering special care to individuals and families in time of special need.  This may include home / hospital communions. A vital ministry of showing God’s love in tangible ways.


For more information please make contact with a member of our Ministry team, see the “Contact Us” page.