An Outline History of St Ternan’s, Banchory (1851 – 2018)

These notes are based on a booklet available from the church:

St Ternan’s Episcopal Church Banchory 1851 -2001

An Historical Profile by John Hargreaves


Key Events

1851                       St Ternan’s dedicated.

1874                       Rosebank in Watson Street purchased as the Rectory.

1877                       Sir Robert Burnett appointed one of four trustees.

1894                       Cross gifted to St Ternan’s by the Irvines of Drum.

1900                       Lecturn and pulpit gifted by the Irvines of Drum.

1902                       Committee of Lay Managers elected.

1903                       Rosebank sold.

1904                       Organ Installed.

1909                       Ellangowan, Corsee Road bought as Rectory.

1924                       New constitution adopted, Vestry formed.

1976                       New Rectory opened in the grounds of the church.

1978                       St Ternan’s linked with Christ Church, Kincardine O’Neil.

1982                       Building of the Church Hall mooted.

1985                       Church Hall built.

2001                       Repairs to the roof and east end of the church.

2014                       Lisa Eunson made a Canon of St Andrews Cathedral, Aberdeen.

2014                       David Greenwood appointed Curate at St Ternan’s and Christ Church.

2017                       David Greenwood appointed Priest in Charge, Kincardine O’Neil.

2017                       Lisa Eunson died 17 June.


Clergy (Rectors unless otherwise indicated)

1848-1850            Robert Bruce (priest-in-charge).

1850-1858            Willian Thomas Grieve.

1858-1859            James Annand Sellar, MA, Aberdeen.

1859-1861            William Thomas Barry, BA, Cambridge.

1861-1865            George Sutherland, MA, Aberdeen.

1866-1867            William Boycott, MA, Oxford (priest-in-charge).

1868-1871            Christopher Tweddle, MA, Cambridge.

1871-1872            Edward Birch Field, LIB, Cambridge.

1872-1875            Henry Anthony Noel, BA, Durham.

1875-1902            James Charles Dean Fraser.

1903-1925            William Watson Hawden, BA Durham.

1926-1941            Edwin Augustus Ferguson, BA, Oxford.

1941-1943            Arthur Travis Faber, BA, Oxford (priest-in-charge).

1943-1945            Lionel Arthur Templeman Speer.

1945-1959            Percival Montague Buchanan, MA, BD, Glasgow.

1959-1964            Harold Bembridge.

1964-1981            Stuart Jeffries Bonney.

1981-1992            Gerald Clarence Mungavin.

1993-2000            Ross Eric Royden, BA. MTh, Nottingham.

2001-2005            William Arthur David Berryman, BD, London.

2006-2017            Lisa Kei Eunson, BA, San Francisco.

2018 –                    Lynsay Downs, BA, Hull, BTh, Oxford